Positive Solutions

The world needs a lifestyle change, and DFI is leading the charge. With patented technology to mass-produce Erythritol efficiently & cost-effectively, DFI is making natural, premium and non-caloric alternatives the new standard. Erythritol can be used by itself or blended with other sweeteners for a healthy take on everything sweet.

DFI Erythritol can be used almost anywhere in food & beverage. Imagine low-calorie solutions to everything you eat and drink! Below are just a few products that have healthy alternatives when sugar and artificial sweeteners are replaced with DFI Erythiritol.


Erythritol is great in beverages. Who doesn't love a drink that is not only low or zero calories, but that tastes great as well! Whatever your drink of choice is, Erythritol can make it healthier and just as tasty.

Erythritol provides a natural solution to all Beverages, including carbonated drinks, sodas, teas, juices, sports drinks, and energy drinks.


Candy and chocolate that taste sweet and great, but without the calories piling up? I'll take two...hundred! Your favorite candy can now be all-natural, healthier, and delicious!

Erythritol provides a natural solution to all Confectionaries, including hard & soft candies, chocolate, candied nuts, mints, and gum.

Baked Goods

Erythritol, unlike other sweeteners, can be used in applications that require high temperature, such as baking! Your favorite baked goods are not to be shunned in your diet any longer. Imagine the same great taste, but a lot less calories!

Erythritol provides a natural solution to all sweetened Baked Goods.

Dairy Products

Everyone likes ice cream, but everyone likes ice cream with low calories and great taste even better! The dream is now a reality.

Erythritol provides a natural solution to all Dairy Products, including yogurt and ice cream.

Packaged Foods

Packaged goods can now use Erythritol to lower calories in a natural way! Now you can enjoy your favorite foods while getting back to nature.

Erythritol provides a natural solution to all Packaged Foods.

Dental Hygiene

Erythritol actually prevents cavities by substantially warding off bad bacteria.

Erythritol provides a natural solution to Dental Hygiene through toothpastes and mouth wash.