The Process

Researchers at Purdue University discovered this breakthrough technology for the production of Xylitol. Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) immediately recognized the importance of this discovery and invested in its patenting and commercialization.

DFI Corporation subsequently attained an exclusive worldwide license for this technology and initiated the engineering research for process optimization. In addition to optimizing the licensed technology, DFI established a cutting-edge research program to revolutionize the production of other natural products using electrochemistry. The results of this research are several patents and patent pending processes and the realization of cost effective, scalable erythritol production.

  • Plant-Sourced Sugars


    We start with plant-sourced sugars and transform them into DFI Erythritol and other natural products.

  • Natural Flavors


    Our product is "Nature-Identical". It contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, fillers, or preservatives.

  • Electrochemistry


    Our patented process harnesses Electrochemistry to do the same work that happens in nature, without any genetic modification of organisms.

  • Patented Technology


    Our patented technology costs less, achieves enhanced efficiency, and produces a superior product.

  • Sustainability


    DFI believes in green technology, powered with green, sustainable energy.

  • "Zero-Artificial"


    Our end product is "Zero Artificial". DFI Erythritol is a natural, healthy, and tasty alternative to sugar.