Meet the DFI Team

DFI is committed to getting the world back on the healthy track by bringing the natural sweeteners to market in the most sustainable way possible. We believe that only when the best products are readily available and at an accessible price will healthy alternatives no longer be alternatives. We have brought together the worlds' foremost experts in carbohydrate chemistry and electrochemistry to maintain the high level of innovation necessary to realize that shift.

  • Paul Magnotto

    Founder & CEO

  • Jonathan Stapley, Ph.D.

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Ed Schafer


  • Benjamin Sykora

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Martin McQuaid

    Legal Advisor

  • David Genders, Ph.D.


  • James N. BeMiller, Ph.D.


  • Daniel Rivetti, DBA


DFI in the News

Now that you have met the team, please check out DFI in the news. Great things are happening at DFI. We are on our way to a healthier world!