The DFI Approach

DFI uses innovative electrochemistry to transform common sugars into natural and sustainable products. Specifically, DFI has discovered a breakthrough process for the production of Erythritol and Xylitol; two of nature's uniquely healthy sweeteners. As more and more evidence emerges on the negative health consequences of consuming added sugar, DFI Erythritol provides a safe and natural alternative. We strive to bring you, the consumer, great-tasting products at affordable prices that are good for you and the earth.

How We Got Here

  • Jonathan discovers a new way to make Xylitol at Purdue University using electricity.
  • Purdue patents Jonathan’s work, laying the foundation for good things to come.
  • DFI is founded in 2005. Jonathan and Paul decide to join forces to bring affordable health food and beverages to all.
  • Leveraging the expertise at Electrosynthesis, Jonathan and Paul explore electrochemistry for other natural sweeteners. DFI Erythritol is born.
  • Construction begins for DFI’s first industrial scale pilot plant for the production of erythritol.
  • Full-scale commercial height cell continuous testing at the demonstration facility exceeds all expectations (Erythritol).
  • Significant scale Erythritol plant in final core process design with the goal of a Q4 2017 start.
  • Mitr Phol Group announces a strategic investment of $55 million and partnership with Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI).
  • DFI purchases a 250,000 square foot plant in Moses Lake, WA, USA. Plant is readying for production of DFI Erythritol by Q1 2019.
  • Mass production of DFI Erythritol allows for extremely affordable, healthy food and beverages throughout the world.

Meet the DFI Team

Learn more about the people at DFI that are working hard to make the world a healthier place, using a patented, green process to make health foods & beverages affordable and available to all.