About Us

DFI uses innovative electrochemistry to transform common sugars into natural and sustainable products, but that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Specifically, DFI has discovered a breakthrough process for the production of Erythritol and Xylitol, two of nature's uniquely healthy sweeteners. These products enable food and beverage companies to improve the nutritional profile of their products and generate cost of goods savings, all while maintaining or enhancing taste.

DFI looks forward to providing sweeteners to the market that are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.
- Paul Magnotto, CEO

Researchers at Purdue University discovered this breakthrough technology for the production of Xylitol. Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) immediately recognized the importance of this discovery and invested in its patenting and commercialization.

DFI Corporation subsequently attained an exclusive worldwide license for this technology and initiated the engineering research for process optimization. As well as optimizing the licensed technology, DFI established a cutting edge research program to leverage their electrochemistry specialty for the production of other products found in nature, but that are difficult to produce in large scales. The result of this research is several patents and patent pending processes, including a revolutionary technology for the production of Erythritol.

The Vision

DFI is committed to getting the world back on the healthy track by bringing the natural sweeteners to market in the most sustainable way possible. We believe that only when the best products are readily available and at an accessible price will healthy alternatives no longer be alternatives. We have brought together the worlds' foremost experts in carbohydrate chemistry and electrochemistry to maintain the high level of innovation necessary to realize that shift.